Packers vs. Saints Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2021
The Green Bay Packers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  • Robert Evras
    Robert Evras

    Wow the packers looked soft on both sides of the ball…..what a ass whooping….

  • Red Knight
    Red Knight

    Packers should get ready for the best NFL team San Francisco 49ers

  • AA

    Number 2 looking like aaron brooks

  • Leon Dejuan
    Leon Dejuan

    1:15 in the video sums up the whole day for Aaron Rodgers .. a 4 man rush caused that much pressure .. number 62 completely failed to block anybody

  • Eric Reeves
    Eric Reeves

    Winston sitting behind Breeze that one year paid off!! I can see a little Breeze in Winston climbing the pocket.

  • Законопослушный водитель
    Законопослушный водитель

    Packers 😡🤬🤬🤬

  • jt mcgee
    jt mcgee

    Not a packers or a saints fan but that “roughing the passer” call was bullshit

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones

    Damn I miss hogan pats fan here glad he's still playing though

  • pantherfan 4055
    pantherfan 4055

    Lol until the saints play a real team and you seen what happened! Blow out

    • RitualSine 94910
      RitualSine 94910

      Y’all not a real team, y’all only beat us cuz we was missing 10 starters and it’s been proven that y’all can’t beat us while healthy

  • T makabu
    T makabu

    Rodgers is so done with packers.

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz

    I feel like if love had started this game, the packers would've scored more.

  • Sid Adams
    Sid Adams

    no fan of either team and definitely no fan of the packers but NFL ruled the roughing the passer was in fact NOT if you watch it in slow motion Za’Darius Smith hits him normal time (not late) and without malice (not using his head, etc)

  • Santiago B
    Santiago B

    i like how rodgers doesnt care anymore Lmaoo

  • JD1 WEST
    JD1 WEST

    Im just here to read comments of those fools who crowned a fluke king 😂😂😂


    James 4:7 King James Version 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

  • Julie Basco
    Julie Basco

    I will root for the Saints this year.


    Matthew 6:1 King James Version 6 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

  • Mrpajj83

    Welcome back to reality Saints fans, GB is so bad it made the mediocre Saints look like world-beaters.

  • Bingbong Bang
    Bingbong Bang

    Congratulations to the Saints! Well played. It's safe to say Aaron Rodgers has become a problem child. Man-bun? Seriously? Interception(s) really? Some people just can't handle fame.

  • Blyat

    Not watching until the entire front office is fired, there's no point it's a waste of time. The browns have a more competent front office that's saying something lol

  • C Bama
    C Bama

    Win new orleans saints

  • Phineas Flynn
    Phineas Flynn

    Bruh Aaron Rodgers is doodoo 5:07

  • Slugger_12

    Crazy no one talking about Rogers throwing the game... 🧐


    1 Peter 5:8 King James Version 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

  • Andrew Clover
    Andrew Clover

    I haven't watched the NFL in a couple of years. I decided to watch this video because it was always fun watching Green Bay lose. But that garbage roughing the passer penalty that they got called on them reminded me of one of the reasons I don’t watch this horrible league anymore. The NFL is just unwatchable. It's so bad. Maybe I'll watch another highlight video in another couple of years.

  • wildimports

    Green Bay would have done better if they didn't show up

  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo

    New Orleans is still bad.

  • Johnny Roberts
    Johnny Roberts

    This was one of the worst Packers games that I’ve ever seen. I can’t remember the last time that BOTH their offense and defense played like total s**t in the same game. Lafleur did not come up with a gameplan and it showed. Yes, I know it was only Week 1, but after an offseason just full of questions about Rodgers and the future of the team in general, I at least expected them to put all of that aside and play to win the game. That wasn’t the case.

  • Blue Emre
    Blue Emre

    Was ist bitte mit den Packers passiert

  • Travis Monk
    Travis Monk

    whaddya know, another horsesht roughing the passer call. it's like i'm not even watching football anymore.

  • TheMrgoodmanners

    What happened to the Packers??

  • 101Supercritic

    I mean I know Aaron doesn’t wanna stay with the Packers, but deliberately giving them the game?

    • 101Supercritic

      @TheOnlyHumanBeing It's a joke boyo calm down, I ain't even a Packers fan

    • TheOnlyHumanBeing

      shut up, saints destroyed Rodgera so bad its making y'all Come up with crazy conspiracy theories

  • Karl O’Donnell
    Karl O’Donnell

    Who ever bet on the packers (packers vs saints) game they probably wish they bet on the saints instead of the packers

  • HellifIknow

    This is called "karma."

  • idiot U
    idiot U

    Jamais Winston - College Champ, Heisman Trophy, Rookie of the Year, 5,000 Yard Passer BUT HAD 3 Different Head Coaches in 5 Years in Tampa..... But yall want to Give Drew Brees ALL THE CREDIT? REALLY?

  • Sebastian Pineda
    Sebastian Pineda

    Love it... hate the packers.

  • Danny Miller
    Danny Miller

    This roughing the passer rule has got to loosen up

  • Hakeem Gilbert
    Hakeem Gilbert

    As a Packers fan give the saints credit they dominated us the saints are a great football team with arguably a top 5 defense.

  • Paul Barella
    Paul Barella

    As a packers fan I’m not surprised tbh playing New Orleans first week is always a hard game where we always lose, but we bounce back. Winston playing like he cam Newton back in 2016

  • Jack Scofield
    Jack Scofield

    Ahhh yes the Jameis hype before the collapse

  • NeptuneBall Object Cosmos
    NeptuneBall Object Cosmos

    Family Feud NFL edition: Game: Packers vs Saints Packers: gets the wrong answer Saints: Gets the right answer Also saints: We’re going to play!

  • Patrick Bauer
    Patrick Bauer

    what a sad opening for rogers!! thats not packers like!!

  • Logan Farrell
    Logan Farrell

    Wow packers ain't going nowhere this year

  • Макс Штирлиц
    Макс Штирлиц

    Не спорт а хуйня какая-то

  • Andrei Nybakken
    Andrei Nybakken

    That's a quite a ways to travel for one FG. It's over. Put on a young and hungry Minshew, and let Aaron host Jeopardy or XFL, or whatever already. He's had his time. Sure, the Packer organization have been kinda dicks about this whole situation(LaFleur especially!), but they have a business end to orotect as well. Should snap up OC from the Chiefs start the rebuild.

  • Street Fame Forever
    Street Fame Forever

    Jamies Been that dude the bucs didn’t block for him and the Running backs was garbage

  • MalRulesAll

    Wonder what was wrong with Aron Rodgers this game 🤔

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    Kamaras balance is absolutely insane, like 1:58 is so insane he gathered himself and got the first down.

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    The 572 dislikes are packers fans

  • Stanisław Ogórek
    Stanisław Ogórek

    This RTP penalty was one of the worst i've ever seen

  • Beto Gonzalez
    Beto Gonzalez

    What’s going on ? They took Rodgers out in the 4th qtr 😳 that deep intersection was far from his wr 🤔

  • Semaj Galbert
    Semaj Galbert

    they cooked the packers.

    • Semaj Galbert
      Semaj Galbert

      @yuoop noke I really dont know

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      Kevin king continues to get beat downfield😂😂😂😆. Why did we resign him??

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones

    That is what happens when a franchise drafts your replacement instead of protect you. You gotta throw dinky passes, you have to run for your life. Basically Dallas cowboys of the nfc north

  • frantzy francois
    frantzy francois

    I’m just here to see the saints shutting down Rodgers and the Packers lmao.

  • Ryan Murray
    Ryan Murray

    yeah. that was the least impressive 5 TD game of all time but ok. 1 was a shovel pass with just terrible defense. 2 were bad throws where jameis got bailed out, one of those a guy was wide open and he almost missed him completely. then it was just garbage time scraps with a 1 legit deep throw

    • MalRulesAll

      Stop hating

  • Lavone Davis
    Lavone Davis

    Saints d not getting enough credit

  • Ahmed Benitez Ibn Ragnar Al-Andalusi
    Ahmed Benitez Ibn Ragnar Al-Andalusi

    People saying Rodgers making Packers lose on purpose. But he threw good passes, its really a team effort. We needed a good defense sunday but the saints broke through that

  • Jay Salazar
    Jay Salazar

    At end of 2nd 0:00 -and that's the last time green bay would ever see anymore points that day....imagine?

  • USCGwsSh16RKG86NGLEADER鲨鱼帮主爷爷

    Saints are awesome

  • HappygirlLol


  • John Mike
    John Mike

    38-3 if I was a packers fan I'd be okay since we one of the only ones who three peated and had one of the most legendary coach Vince Lombardi but that score defies blow out anyways good game saints has Rodgers playing checkers while Winston was playing top tier chess

  • Alex Kane
    Alex Kane

    Can’t wait to hear how this wasn’t Rodgers fault at all and he ha ani weapons and his coach sucks.

  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry

    5:40 LOL

  • Christopher Poitras
    Christopher Poitras

    That roughing the passer penalty lol.

  • Nom Lom
    Nom Lom

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  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones

    Kevin king continues to get beat downfield😂😂😂😆. Why did we resign him??

  • Charlies World
    Charlies World

    More like lowights

  • Jake Boatman
    Jake Boatman

    That’s a horrible roughing the passer call

    • Defund The Police
      Defund The Police

      Boo hoo 😢. Like it would’ve made a difference in the outcome.

  • Mr Davis-Young
    Mr Davis-Young

    Sean Payton making me look at Bruce Arians different now, let’s see if they can keep this up.

  • K. Jackson Ethier
    K. Jackson Ethier

    So…the score was 24-3 and I’m not saying the Packers deserved to win (even though I am a Packers fan)… But the roughing the passer call is a bad call. I hate that the defense gets called for it when the QB has thrown the ball, but the defensive guy has already lunged forward or left his feet. He can’t prevent what happens and the QB is getting hit either way. The Packers played like ass, but the pick being called back because Goodell doesn’t understand how momentum works is totally whack.

    • Defund The Police
      Defund The Police

      Wonder what the excuse is gonna be next week. Anything but AR’s fault. 😂

  • Javi Xavalier
    Javi Xavalier

    Elgton jenkins a beast

  • Mr. Combs
    Mr. Combs

    Roughing the QB has to be the worst rule in NFL history.

  • PJ Clemons
    PJ Clemons

    nail bitter who dat

  • Stephen Hawking
    Stephen Hawking

    im a vikings fan and this makes me smile

  • Michael Macdonald
    Michael Macdonald

    Either make quarterbacks wear pink skirts, or don't let them touch the football !! I've seen roughing the passer called when the quarterback was tackled holding the ball !!

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through

    Losers actually thinking Saints are going somewhere after beating a washed up Packers team🤣🤣🤣

  • Golden Child
    Golden Child

    kevin king lol

  • Jon Cruz
    Jon Cruz

    So embarrassing 😳

  • Ryder Angiolani
    Ryder Angiolani

    Bruh wheres ian

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      aaron cupp

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  • Jude

    Rodgers and the Packers threw the game.

  • Organized Noise
    Organized Noise

    The Saints straight crucified the Packers 😳😬

  • Kobe Neal
    Kobe Neal

    Everybody in nfc north lost that week so this game doesn’t matter

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke

    Rodgers looks mostly fine? Why is everyone saying he looks done?

    • Defund The Police
      Defund The Police

      Cuz he played like ass

  • Devuntae Pouncey
    Devuntae Pouncey

    The way #43 on saints caught that pick I thought he was the WR 😂

  • Fredrick Smith-something.
    Fredrick Smith-something.

    Good to see Winston improve his game. He looked much more decisive and alert. I hope it continues.

  • Joseph Kempinger III
    Joseph Kempinger III

    These Saints Bucs games are gonna be lit af

  • Cbro15 r
    Cbro15 r

    Sean Payton is the magic man

  • Ben Barela
    Ben Barela

    Football is wack now

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Kamaras balance is absolutely insane, like 1:58 is so insane he gathered himself and got the first down.

  • God's Rebel
    God's Rebel

    Winston made me forget about Drew it felt like he has been the starter there for years. Great job

  • Stack The Plug
    Stack The Plug

    Omfg this is embarrassing

  • Tre Smith
    Tre Smith

    Did Jameis Winston get faster?? It looks like he lost some weight too! Man Winston looks like a whole different Quarterback out there 🤣💯! Impressive 38-3 win over Rodgers Packers!🔥

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Winston was incredible. He totally surprised me.

  • Stephon Fletcher
    Stephon Fletcher

    Not this one tho

  • Stephon Fletcher
    Stephon Fletcher

    Refs mess a lot of games up

    • Defund The Police
      Defund The Police


  • Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez

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  • Jhonny Appleseed
    Jhonny Appleseed

    Quarterbacks are too protected.

  • KP Murphy
    KP Murphy

    The NFL simply needs to put flags on the QB.

  • Trill Rodrihurd
    Trill Rodrihurd

    I remember feeling hopeful too… bucs fans know what’s in store 😂